Turn fear, frustration and pain into joy!

Everything you need to transform your life


Personal coaching with Johann Friesinger
(Online via Zoom, Team or LiveWebinar)

Here you will learn with the help of the power of the law of polarity:

    To understand the reason of your fears, your frustrations and your pain.
    Allow the rejected feeling and then accept it consciously (by feeling it).
    To step out of your (unconscious) fight between the polarities and allow the natural rhythm of life.
    Only the cooperation between your mind and your feeling creates unity (harmony and calm).
    To consciously value the wealth of your knowledge (mind) and experience (feeling): everything makes sense!

Procedure in the START-UP PACKAGE:


You clarify before the meeting:

  • Where you are now (problem, topic) = starting point
  • Where you want to go (definition of change) = target point
  • What prevents you from tackling this goal = list of resistances

a) We research together (1 hour):

  • Which information is stored in you on this topic
  • We clarify the jurisdiction of this topic (to whom it belongs)
  • How are the connections between your problem / topic in the outside and your inside.
  • Which resistances cause the topic in you

b) We transform together (1-1.5 hours):

  • We choose the most important topic and together we do an InPoDu© transformation process
  • You get a taste of how that feels
  • You feel the difference between “before” and “after”

c) Preparation and follow-up (30 minutes):

  • Questions to prepare for the meeting (to achieve higher quality)
  • Record the results for the client


  • 1 hour analysis and root cause research
  • 1-1,5 hours of transformation support (InPoDu© process)
  • 0,5 hours of preparation and follow-up
Total: approx. 3 hours

Package price: 288,- EUR

Order processing and right of withdrawal:

After your order and payment, you will receive a link (in the order confirmation) to our appointment booking system. There you can choose and book the desired date for the personal meeting.

Cancellation within the first 60 days after the date of purchase is possible if and as long as you have not yet used the service.

(until June 21st, 2023):
169,- EUR (-41%)

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Trust through our INTRODUCTORY TALK:


Then use our free introductory talk:

  • Tell me about your situation
  • I will ask you questions and give you alternative perspectives
  • You watch what that does to you and how it feels
  • You decide if you want to continue with me


We clarify together:

  • Where you are now (problem, topic) = starting point
  • Where you want to go (definition of change) = target point
  • What prevents you from tackling this goal = list of resistances
  • Whether I can optimally support you on this path (or another expert is better for you)

Book the free 30-minute introductory talk* here!

(*for new customer only; maximum 20 customers per month)



Polarity.One Coaching is NOT a medical appointment

Please note that as an adult you accept this counseling service on your own responsibility.

The information contained in this coaching cannot replace advice from a doctor. They are not medical instructions. The content serves to impart knowledge and cannot be compared with the individual care provided during a medical consultation. The implementation of the recommendations given here should therefore always be discussed with a qualified therapist. Following the recommendations is at your own risk and responsibility.

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